Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Public $$$ for Single Sex Schools?

After reading this article (click here) we tried to take the a serious look at the legallity of publically funded same sex schools. The questions we left off with was; Why fund public schools at all?

What court rulings are connect to this case?

What needs to change in co-ed public schools to remove the percieved necessity of same sex schools?


Superfly said...

The very idea of tax money, my parent's money, YOUR money, going to the segregation of public schools is appalling to me. I have a hard time even trying to entertain idea. However, the law makers seem to think it is a neat solution to a variety of problems going on in co-ed public schools. Like the electronic ban, meant to halt thefts and such, we are removing the least significant portion of the equation. We are not addressing the problem at all, only pushing it a little to the side, out of the lime light.

We are not addressing the violence or why students are not performing as we'd like them to or the sexual harassment that goes on in hallways and classrooms. We are simply separating the sexes and not talking about the issues. Who does that? You have a piece of glass sticking out of your neck, so what? You're going to put a bandage over it so that you can't watch it sink in and cut your carotid artery? It is the responsibility of public education as a whole to create people who are going to further society, not make more and more acceptations as to what is acceptable behavior and thinking.

~joanna vogel

W Brown said...

Very powerful comment.... Glass in the throat always holds the reader's attention.

nyshee said...

everyone address violence in every where u go so i dont understand if u change it in one school will u change it in another?

and with sexual harassment that we disucss in class goes around every day in school. i even seen it, and its like society wants this to happen and feel it and its like a acception that you have to go through and if you dont go through it your not accepted with your friends or any thing.

christine mullen said...

I feel like this whole thing is only even becoming an issue in our schools because the right people started to complain. When I say the right people I mean people who have power. It seems to me only way the government decides to start giving out money. Is when they are looking for a quick solution. Instead of looking at the bigger issue like besides the facts of all the numbers they pulled up on how many girls do better in schools with out boys or vice versa. They should be looking at why girls can’t focus with boys around. I am very sorry but we don’t live in a one sex world. We have both male and female anywhere you go, so I don’t understand why they want girls to get used to an atmosphere. Where there’s only one sex, because the problem that they are going to cause now is these girls ,are either going to feel very uncomfortable being around the opposite sex when they have to be. Or they are going to start going out of their way to see the males since they normally don’t get the chance to. I really don’t think anybody should invest one dollar in another school for all girls until the regular schools are taken care of. There are so many other important things that schools that are all ready built can use. So before they go building another school for girls or boys, They need to figure out what they can do to make our schools better together.

W Brown said...

Excellent post Christine.

Sharkey said...

What makes you think that if you pay higher taxes or lower taxes that there is no violence in schools? There is some kind of violence in all schools. It’s all up to the kids to not promote violence. If the kids want violence the school is going have it no matter what. There is violence in all boys school also in an girls school. The girls are the ones that always fight.

vishnell said...

I am against single sex schools and I have my reasons why just like everyone else. I honestly feel like the real world does consist of both genders and separating them is just hiding away from the world for a certain amount of time. I think the comment Christine wrote was excellent and made complete sense. Harassment is honestly always around. It probably happens everyday weather the people harassed allow it to happen or don’t. Only when people that have power like Christine mentioned or voices that are really heard point these situations out are when it becomes a big problem.

The article we read in class mentioned about single sex schools “They contend the schools promote sexism and distract from proven ways to improve education”. Its so true that instead of taking the time out to improve schools some people decide to confide in single sex schools. Instead of really sitting down and figuring out better ways to progress education the government just agrees to ideas that basically run away from the problem. The solution can’t always be too getting far away as possible from the problem but to actually resolve the problem.

So knowing that money that can go to places to help you or me learn better is going to a place where it’s basically a “fake” world of learning really bothers me. Why not fix the ideal schools, the schools that have bother genders like outside of the school? Why should we have to give money to a school that was made as an option and for people who want to hide from the real world?