Friday, September 08, 2006

9/11 Leaves Its Mark on History Classes

In this controversial article by Janny Scott the author clearly speculating as to how the events that took place on 9/11 will be remembered in history. How should adults answer their children when asked, “Why did these events happen?” How should schools represent the people who piloted the planes? What has been the response of the US? How has the US changed since 9/11?, because of 9/11?


nyshee said...

every day students ask " why did they do this?", " did we do anything wrong to make them so mad to blow da towers down?" these ask questions are never asked and im wonderning the same thing. the us really didnt change that much since 9/11, ok yea there where helping each other out and getting closer to ther family memebers and being nice to co- workers and thats it.

Christine said...

Since the five years have passed since the World Trade Center bombing, I would definetly say that New York, as well as our nation, has been impacted and therefore changed. I feel that our nation has more of a sense of awareness to the events that have occured and have dealt with first hand the consequences of our nation as well as the others we are previously and currently in conflict with. I think that America also is more prepared for things that are inevitable for a nation of such success can face and how to cope with it. With many familes having to deal with lost loved ones and family members fighting for our country in other nations as well. Since the five years after the WTC bombing, it would be fair to say that the bombing, 9/11 has forever left a mark on America, and History.

bulka said...

They dont know what to say because its all lies. Theres TONS of evidence proving it was NOT a terrorist attack. The question that should be asked is why did the government do this.