Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Laguna Beach

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Are 12 year olds in this country ready for this? How successful will this MTV / endeavor be?


~RitaMarie~ said...

Judging by the way society is and the craze of the mere TV show "Laguna Beach" this is a definite hit. In all honesty I could probably give you the names of at least 20 girls who are waiting to make that life their life and as the article stated, this "allows them to do that". The sad part is that most of these girls work and have their own money so will be amongst thousands of girls to pay for the extra features and go a step further to buying the actual clothes. The next step to this new craze is tying in real companies that support the show and somehow connect them so that if you buy this company’s product you get something extra on the VLB site. Also, by revealing that the actual cast members don't have their own avatars, you can predict that the next episodes will show the cast members creating and obsessing over this new site. It's all a way of less subliminal advertising. Despite that, it sparks curiosity so even if you’re not into it you log on just to see what it is about. Either way they are successful since regardless of the reason people logged on...they still logged on and in marketing that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

This will be a "craze" just as myspace has been.
Students will be avid users for a while, then it will die down. Myspace is popular, but I don't think it is as popular as it once was. They will milk it as long as they can and then move on to something else.