Thursday, October 05, 2006

Showing Support?

After reading the article from the Cornel Daily Sun, explain how the war has become a political debate? Have people, according to the author, changed the meaning of the word "support"? Does "anti-war" mean "anti- America"?

What do the Following photos mean to you? Has your opinion changed after reading the article? Can patriotic Americans be against the war?

Figure #1

Figure #2


nyshee said...

the war became a debate when the twin towers hit and when the war began in iraq. i think that people did change the meaning of support because if you want something to happend you do it and if you dont want something to happend you dont do it, likre in class we discuss many things towards the war and being " ANTI" and other questions that was answered. I remember over the summer this year i was walking with my sister shopping and one of them came up to us talking about free college and stuff and gave us a number to call but as soon as we finished talking to the person we threw it out.

bulka said...

I dont think anyone supports the war itself because what kind of sane person supports death, especially the death of our own people. I think most people that put those magnets on there cars are showing there support for the TROOPS, but who doesnt support our troops? If you dont support our troops then you need to move somewhere else. I guarantee half the people that buy those support our troops magnets only bought them to make a small donation to the troops, aka "supporting" them, supporting them with money? How do you really know where your money is going? Honestly I dont think your supporting anyone but the people who sell that stuff. I think the troops need more mental support than financial.