Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Truth

Lots of information.... How has your view of AL Gore changed because of this movie? What is the former VP telling us in this movie? What can be done? What are we to do now that we know of the "Inconvenient Truth"?

NYTimes Article.

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Edwin Genao the qhst senior said...

I learned that we are thinning out the air. It happens when there's too much pollution from all the cars we drive and all the cigarettes we smoke. When Al Gore's daughter died from lung cancer from smoking cigarettes I liked it that Mr. Gore (Al Gore's father) stopped growing tobacco. That means that we could do something about this too.
I felt bad that the animals are dying out faster too. We all have to do something about this problem.
We really are putting pressure on the world, we have to stop. I am young I want to live my full life in good health.

Jay Mangubat said...

A lot of people will be homeless because their homes will flood, if the oceans get higher. Mr. Brown's flowers came up because it was warm, and they will die because now it's too cold. I learned that in 1980, the chicks and the caterpillars hatched at the same time. In 2000, they did not hatch at the same time. The catepillars hatched before the chicks. The chicks eat caterpillars and didn't have enough food.

Mr Tesler said...

Our 9th graders just finished viewing A.I.T. in their LE class. May we post?

vishnell said...

First of all I felt like watching this movie I got to know a funny and smart Al Gore. He got his view of things across and his persuasive argument will have a lot of people thinking about global warming. Also how he mentioned this is really not a political issue so much as a moral issue. He explains about the disputes that our global civilization is facing.

In the movie Al Gore is showing us how the ice caps are melting how the air is being polluted with greenhouse gases that block heat from escaping. He also used visuals to help get a better understanding of what is happening. Understand this better makes it scarier to know this. I also saw from the movie the before and after pictures of the ice capes that show how high the water can increase. All of this is a warning he is giving us about the dangers of global warming.

The pictures Gore showed off different places being filled with water had me thinking. It’s a scary thing to know that New York could be under water.

Like Edwin mentioned there is pollution from such things as the cars we drive this is causing all of this. The burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal are the reasons the greenhouse gases get into the air and that these gases are the reason for the global warming. Like Al Gore mentioned when his sister had died how his father had stopped growing tobacco. So does it take a personal experience for people to make a change in the world and help prevent things that are helping cause all the pollution, damage, and death.

We are basically deceiving the planet. Like Gore had said our ability to live is at stake.

When Mr. Brown asked what would it take for something to be done and somebody in the class replied for us to go underwater. Mr. Brown reminded us how Katrina was the reason New Orleans went under water and said it will take something like Bill Clintons property to go under water for us to take action. Is that right? We aren’t acting soon enough and like the video shows it can lead up to very hazardous events.

Mr Tesler said...

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Al Gore is trying ot get many different points accross wuith this movie. firstly, he is trying to warn us about global warming. not many people are aware of what global warming is doing to the world. i hope that everyone gets common sense one of these days and realize what global warming is actually doing.


this is julia again. al gore is also trying to warn us against the dangers of pullition, and all of the glaicers that are melting. the melting of all the glaicers could lead to some parts of the world being completley under water.

Kat Sky said...

I think that it is time people start taking Global Warming seriously. I think that it is a scary thing. Plus knowing that it is a moral issue, that we are the ones causing Global Warming. If everyone around the world is creating this problem, then i think everyone can help fix or stop it. I don't like the idea that this world wont keep on living soon. Al Gore made very strong points across, and i hope that whoever watches this video feels the same way he does and contributes to helping save this world from Global Warming.

kevin.e said...

what i learned about this movie is that the people are one of the reasons why global warming is so bad. All the cars,company's, cigarretes those are the reasons why it affects a lot. the people can do something about that. we can make a change. i also saw that how anartica is breaking is incredible. all that ice mealting and melting and creating more water is amazing. global warming is going to destroy the civilisation that has been established. a lot of people are gonna die and suffer and be home less. its gonna bea caios.the water level wil be so high that houses and biuldings are gonna a flod in a heart beat.

The King said...

I have actually seen this movie, and I believe that Al Gore is right. This movie also reminded me of another movie; The Day After Tomorrow, which is like a fast forward of what will happen in 50 years.
Global warming is a serious thing, in 50 years, beautiful glaciers will sink into the ocean. These glaciers will melt and then flood half of most of the continents.

Another thing is that when these glaciers go into the ocean, so will our fresh water resource. All the spring water and fresh water we drink is from glaciers. Manhattan which is against the ocean will be underwater, thousands will die. We only think that 9/11 was a huge catastrophe, in 50 years, our grandchildren might die in hundreds of thousands.
The food chain is being affected, caterpillars are hatching before chicks therefore the chicks that hatch later will only see their food become butterflies.

As Al Gore said, War isn't everything. We should try to preserve wildlife, try to keep our grandchildren alive in 50 years.
We should fund more money into advanced technology, such as hybrid cars. We should try and find more ways of not using old styled fashions such as factories that have smoking chemicals coming out from the spouts ( i dont know what to call it.)
I saw a tv show where MILK was fuel. Imagine that; milk fuel. Another movie that showed a great example of trying to protect our atmosphere was back to the future 2. It showed how garbage could be used as fuel. we should also fund in trying to clean ocean water, in case we cant stop certain disaster, so we can drink it.

Al Gore did us a favor, he warned us. If we ignore this warning, we are in for major disasters.


paula901 said...

An inconvenient truth gave me the creeps because I didn’t know how little time we have left, before seeing that movie I thought there were like a million years to go, but now I think about it everyday.
From the movie I thought a lot about the animals, that the polar bears were drowning because they couldn’t find ice to rest on, and that made me real sad.
I liked the movie cause it made me realize that there are more important things to worry about then just video games, TV, etc and that there’s a real world out there that needs us to stop pollution to stop litering, etc.

Kaitlyn said...

I'd like to thank Mr. Brown for watching the video with us because I think global warming is something people know about but not something people care about. I like the point Julia mentioned about how people don't realize the affects of global warming on our planet. There seems to be this mentality, that Al Gore mentioned, that if it doesn't directly affect someone it becomes easier to push it away and not think about it.

I helped jason write his blog using images from the book that was also in the movie. We talked about caterpillars and baby chicks and jay surprised me with how well he understood the danger of changing hatching seasons for animals and their prey. I don't think people realize that animals depend on their prey for survival. The list of endangered animals has gotten larger because of the lack of sympathy from the people of the world. Soon the only animals we will be able to see are the ones in zoos.

I almost feel bad to Gore, because he's spent his whole life on a nobel cause and the idiots in congress haven't listened to him. There are things I like and dislike about Bush, but I think he really dropped the ball on slowing down the progression of global warming. We can't fight a war if there is no one left alive to fight it. It seems like the war has taken full control of his presidency and the other things he promised to change have been put on the back burner.

In class Mr. Brown mentioned that his flowers were blooming early because of the warmer temperatures, so I spent this morning on my way to school looking in people's yards to see if their flowers have come up as well. I was surprised to see that many flowers were coming up, but because of yesterdays figid temperatures most of them turned a dark green color. If the flowers are being confused about when to come up, global warming can also be confusing other plants or animals as well.

When I presented my global warming project in english I wished I could've just shown the video because it made it seem even more real to me. Yes, it was a lot of information to take in, but seeing the images up close and Gore's voice in the backround made them come alive. When my group started working on our project we focused on rising sea levels because we thought that that topic was most important and most life changing. I don't think people realize the affect rising sea levels will have. Gore said that if half of Greenland and Antartica melted into the ocean the sea levels would raise 20 feet. When I showed Jay the images of what Florida, Calcutta, Shanghi, and New York would look like he told me that all those people will become homeless. I told him that the people who will be forced to move will crowd the rest of the country and people will be living on top of one another. I think the number of people that would be displaced in Shanghi is around 40 million, in Calcutta 60 million, and in Bejing 20 million. That's around 120 million people who would become homeless. 120 million people! How will we ever recover from that?

RaymondA said...

Well my view on Al gore has changed very much. The movie an inconvenient truth was made for an obvious reason. Of course it was too wake up the world too the dangerous effects of global warming, but it was also a major rally for support. In the movie not only did he expose the congress, but he also tried to bring to the surface the moral values of the people of the United States. He brought up deep emotions and in doing this I felt that was kind of sad. Not sad on his part, but sad on America's part due to the fact that it takes a persuasion of not facts, but moral integrity too truly sway the American people. This set of morals was forced upon the people because they couldn’t see this on going threat in the facts.
Al Gore also explains what is Global warming is. For those who haven't seen the movie it's the phenomena in which greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide) thicken the thin atmosphere surrounding earth thus trapping more of the suns rays. He shows the temperature goes up due to the heat trapped and how it’s affecting our environment.
Luckily this inconvenient truth has a convenient solution. First we must stop burning fossil fuels. How do we do this? Well America which buys a tremendous amount of gas only needs to stop and the market will begin to be less appealing. All the money America brought in was tremendous. As a result of less consumers of the product most coal mines will end up closing down. Oil will soon lose its worth and other hopefully cleaner markets will appear.
I believe our first and most important task is to take the first step and pave the way to becoming fossil fuel free. As G.K. Chesterton once said," An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. ". And we defiantly need to reconsider this inconvenient truth.

**~Franchesca~** said...

In this movie Al Gore is trying to get a point acorss to the people. I belive this was one on the best ways to do it. By watching this movie I relize how everday things we do affect global warming. Driving a car,smoking cigarettes and, the greenhouse gases strongly affect the earth. People throughout the world havent noticed that we are the cause of global warming.By doing a movie like The Inconvenient Truth Al Gore really got to the people. By showing the pictures of the ice melting and the bear drowing people relizedhow serious is global warming.

Superfly said...

So, I suppose my Styrofoam cups are out now, huh? (You TOO Brownie!) But, seriously, Mr. I-Used-To-Be-Your-Next-US-President pretty much just alluded to ways that we can start shaping up our acts. He didn't say a great deal about really changing things. This film was very much about spreading the word because, when everyone is aware of the problem, we can then walk forward together in search of a solution. You know, "many hand make light work" and "two heads are better than one" type thing. What we’ve done to our planet is not irreparable, though. I have listed here several suggestions that could be implemented to maybe start the attempt to reverse the damage we've done.

1. Plant more evergreen trees (I don't really know about the evergreen part there, I was thinking about the graph and how when the trees die in winter they emit a giant breath of CO2 - carbon dioxide. I think just planting more trees is a huge step in the right direction, though)
2. This one is for Brownie specifically. As Mrs. Brownie if she would GET RID OF (or just trade in, you know) her gas gulping SUV for a nice big HYBRID van or truck or something!
3.RECYCLE MORE! And re-use things! If everyone recycled their used paper products and cans and bottles (Hooray Edwin! My hero!) we would not have to cut down as many trees and we would not have to create as many new synthetic materials, plastics (I believe they're made from something petroleum based...)
4. When you go to the grocery store, do not take all those plastic bags they give you! Get some once and reuse them every time you go shopping. Or don't take any at all and use cloth bags that buy once and reuse each time you go shopping (you've all seen my gigantic "save the environment" bag -- That's a grocery bag! I bought that from the super market! Good for our environment and trendy, too!)
5. Okay. I have more, but this list is getting a little long for me, so I'll leave you with this one last thing. Maybe it sounds a little drastic, but I've been thinking about this for an insanely long time. If we could pick just one day out of every week for everyone to STOP using their cars and take public transportation (I take a Hybrid bus to school every day!) it would drastically lower out CO2 output and really lend a great big hand to the ozone layer, not to mention conserve that OIL and save MONEY (not only would it save you money for that one day, it the ultimate surplus of oil would lead to lower gas prices in general). Although, if one day when EVERYONE would be leaving the cars parked in the driveway would be too much for our MTA to handle, it could be rotated, so every group of neighborhoods has a bay and it rotates or something.

It can definitely be done. I know it can! Believe in yourselves people!!!!!! We are destroying our HOME everyday! We are tearing down the homes of our comrades on this earth, the animals, EVERY DAY. This is unacceptable. How would you like it if an own came in and tore down your house to build a department store full of owl things that you couldn't even use! How would you like to roost in the well of the neon "O" in the name on the outside of their big ugly building like the pigeons and other birds do in the letters on our stores?

Additionally. Even if you don't give a crap about the owls and the billions of species (millions of which that have yet to be discovered), then think of me. We are going to drown. Okay, maybe we won’t drown, but half of Manhattan will be UNDER WATER and I am afraid of that water! I would not do well someplace inland and landlocked like Kansas, but if the great NYC is going to pull an Atlantis and, as Kaitlyn’s English PSA told us, we’re going to have to take canoes to work instead of our little Camreys and Altimas and our busses will be long boats and we’ll have gondola operators poling us down Broadway instead of dirty yellow taxi cabs, I am definitely out of here and in Kansas where they have the most Ethanol fuel stations in the country (because they’re in the corn belt and ethanol is made of corn…) and I will drive myself and my cloth grocery bags in an ethanol fueled vehicle.

Help save us from this fate!

Sharkey said...

My view of Al Gore changed a lot because I didn’t know he cared so much about global warming. This means a lot when a former VP is trying to save the world. With this movie out more people will get a better look at global warming because Al Gore explains it well. Even though he uses comedy in the movie it helps you realize it not a joke. He uses the comedy to get the people attention on this serious topic. He tells us that there are a lot of resources that we can limit using to stop global warming. It is hard to stop using those resources because people are so use to using them. The congress is doing nothing but letting it still happen. Congress doesn’t believe in global warming and trying to say its not happening. Meanwhile Al Gore did tons of research on global warming and it seem that he knows what he is doing. Then you have to convince congress about this problem and get their help, also get other people to save the world.


My view about global warming, Changed because he showed us so many things that are happenig in the world, That we don't know or don't care about like. The biggest glasier in the Antartica braking in half, And the BIG rivers ( now almost nothing) going to little pools. He showed us the pollution and how this affects the atmosphere , I think he is trying to make a lot of points in this movie because, Just the fact that he actually care's is just ^.^GREAT^.^ .Because he is warnig us from what might happen if we keep on messing up the enviroment, For example ; He showed us what might happen if the glasier's mets, The water level will go up amd millions of people will have no place to go .And the fact that the WORLD TRADE CENTER might be underwater in less that two centuries is a scary thing, imagine ,The glasiers will melt . They wont reflect the hot rays from the sun ,And the hot rays will be trapped in the atmosphere the temperature willbe going to go crazy 3 digit numbers. Imagine in 3 more centuries the planet that we know right now will no longer be what it is .

^.^ <33333333333

ELeNa_x3 said...

I agree with some of what Julia said. In the movie "Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore is WARNING us of not what could happen...but what is ALREADY HAPPENING!!! A lot of people do not understand the concept of global warming. And take it for granted thinking very careless of it. I cannot speak for anyone else but personally I like living!! People just say "oh it won’t happen" or "not for a long time" or even "global warming is not real" but it is real and it is happening. The sad part is we are causing it to happen!! Yes some of it is not in our control, but some is and we are contributing with all of our chemicals and everything, we are polluting the world. Before watching this movie I took this matter very lightly but the part showing the U.S.A and how much land will be covered by water scared me and got me very astonished. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I remember watching the movie "The day after tomorrow" and thinking wow this is such a good movie how did they ever come up with such a creative story line. When asking my dad he replied this could happen but...not for a long time! if it ever even does. I was shocked then just to find out it could happen, but now that I see it could happen very soon I am just speechless. Hopefully it is not too late for us. My plants in the front of my home just started BUDING the other day!!! I hear birds chirping sometimes like its spring!! I think AL Gore is very smart and if not for him we would be in even bigger trouble then now! With the glaciers melting and polar bears dieing! This will definitely EXTREMLEY alter our lives as we know it!!!!!! Unless we take action immediately.
-Elena Brandes

jonathank said...

Global Warming is getting worser and worser because of the pollution that the factories are making in order to produce products for people or for anyone to use. Al Gore presented a lot of slideshows in the movie about the effect on Global Warming and the pictures that he showed everyone was very interesting how the snow and ices melt during the Global Warming. Past the few years, Antartica was really huge and big, but this year, Antartica has gotten smaller and smaller because of the Global Warming. The less ice and snow, the less animals are going to live in Antartica like penguins, polar bears, and seals. Everybody in the world should use less carbon dioxide such as less pollution, less car gasoline, and etc. Everything should turn into electric to run on which makes less carbon dioxide. If the ice melts more and more, then the sea level is going to rise and a lot of citizens in the world will die and there will be less land in the world. I say that people should use less pollution and use electric power cars. WE SHOULD STOP GLOBAL WARMING!!!!
-jonathan k

Parth Patel said...

My view of Al Gore has changed a little bit because unlike G. Bush he is warning us about the global warming. How some parts of United States of America is going to be under water. Some icebergs melted down. We have caused this global warming. There is so much technology that we never knew it would cause such a big destruction, one of those things is gas and oil. Back to the question in my eyes I think Al Gore was the best president we ever had. Because he is not one of those people who takes actions without thinking through. He mostly told America what moves he was going to take without even taking them. I still don't think that all the people in the world knows that there is global warming. So that might be a problem because if no one knows that there is global warming there gonna do stuff that might make the pollution bad and also that can cause
any type of storm, ice age, etc.
Parth Patel

monica delgado said...

first of all i think taht an inconveniant truth is an amazing movie and everybody should go and see it if they truly care about our planet. I learned taht if we don't take responsibilty in our actions we will have no earth they way we are over using power plants cars and factories they are damaging our air and they must stop but we must help out too.=]