Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do we have a right to "marraige"?

Should Art in Public places be regulated by government oversight?
Is "art" protected under the first amendment?
Do all members of society deserve equal protection under the law?
Are all people under the law equal?
What is the legal argument against gay marriage?


kaitlyn said...

I was surprised that in this day and age people still hate others that are different from them. I didn't like the comments from a female customer, who was disguseted by the pictures because she made it seem that families w/o a mother/father/2.5 kids were unacceptable. I was talking to my parents about the pictures and I wondered out loud what her views would've been if the pictures were of a single-mom and her kids, or if the family was mutli-racial. I said to them how we have a lot of pictures of my mom, my brother and myself w/o our dad because he was the one taking the picture. Just because he isn't in the picture doesn't mean he isn't a part of my family.
I praise the coffee shop for promoting local artwork because there are a lot of people who forget what art is. I think that art with nudity or vulgar images shouldn't be permitted in public places because I wouldn't want to walk into a public place with my brother who's 10 and have him see a naked woman on a wall. When you go to a museum or a gallery you can expect to see some form of nudity and I know not to bring my brother to places with those images. But if we go into a library, coffee shop, fast food store etc I should be able to know that I don't have to worry about him seeing something I wouldn't want him to see.
I asked my parents if they knew any legal arguments against gay marriage, but they didn't know any. Like I said in class I think that people's moral and religious views go over to their political views and cloud their judgement. Just because the bible, or other religious texts, say that gay marriage is immoral doesn't mean that we have to pass a law against it. Church and state are suppossed to be seperated remember?

vishnell said...

Art shouldn’t be regulated by government oversight because if you’re able to express yourself through art then you shouldn’t be limited to what you are making with your art. Art is a way to express freedom of speech because instead of words some people are freely expressing themselves through their art. That means if the artist happens to be gay and wants to hang up a picture of her partner with her family she has every right too. If an artist wants to express themselves by showing you what THEIR family means to them so they have every right too. OTHERS need to worry about their families instead of judging someone who is clearly happy with theirs.

This whole topic about gays reminds me about the whole n word issue. This world has come so far and people need to start realizing that. Things are different now and if people are against what others are doing they just need to mind their own business and do what they do. Who is anyone to judge another individual and their needs.

People are getting mad at a gay couple’s picture being hung up. I feel that being gay is so common now, almost just as common as a female and male together. So what if a gay person got mad at picture of a “traditional” family? Nobody would take that serious. All members of the society are entitled to equal protection under the law. A family doesn’t consist of a mother and father. My cousin who is been brought up by my aunt and grandmother always used to say “I don’t have a mother or father but I still feel like the most loved and luckiest girl in the world”

Something that everyone doesn’t realize is that you don’t choose to be gay, just like you don’t choose your race or ethnicity. All this hate towards gays is something misunderstood. Gays are the people that are born different, the people that our teaching our world and showing us to be in love and happy doesn’t mean you have to be with the opposite gender.

W Brown said...

Kaitlyn- I love that you are bringing the conversation homae and looking for more insight thanks for sharing.

Vishnell- once again you have set the bar higher for others by comparing this isssue to the "n-word" issue. You have contributed so much this year to our conversations both in and out of class. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Kaitlyn that art should not be restricted but appropriate art should be place and when I say appropriate art I mean no nudity or anything else vulgar. This whole situation on art will always be a tough issue becuase my view of something that is vulgar will change in a different persons point of view. They may see any pictures of same sex relationships as vulgar, just like the woman who left the coffee shop felt that way.
Also on the topic of Marriage, I believe we are all equal under the law and have the same rights. Whether people cant understand it or whether people feel that homosexuality can be "cured", we should all respect people as people and understand their choices. One big reason why is because we are not going to be living their lives. If a child is provided with a stable family and a loving family at the same time, this child is doing better than some regardless if it is two mothers or fathers.
Michelle Asciote

nyshee... said...

why argue gay marriages? why do members in society have to argue they point to just be accepted?

art is like another expression that people use to show ther feelings to other or just to show there art...... if lesbains and gays want to show there families out to the word it's them not to a whole town that thinks negative about them and the way they are.... everyone is equal in there own way and you are lesbain or gay or even bi it doesnt matter u should just be accpeted into this society just as everyone else...

Peter V said...

I think that everyone should have a right to marry no matter who or what you are marrying. Legally people can marry whoever they want, but its other peoples moral values that stop them. I dont think ar in public places should be regualted by the goverment becauseit is like freedom of speech and art is a speech withought words. I think that all members of society deserve equal protection under the law, and there is no legal argument about gay marriage. I dont think people should be descirminated because of there sexual preference