Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why are Veterans Being Ignored?

With the lack of urgency to appropriate disability funds for Veterans for the Iraq War, and the surge in homeless veterans upon us, why is there no public outcry to help these men and women?.
What political voice did these people have before the war? Why are they not being listened to now? Where is the outrage from congress? Why might some look upon complaining Vets as unpatriotic?
Why are veterans being ignored by Americans after they return home?


Edwin Genao the Famous said...

Veteran’s Face Vast Inequities over Disability

All the soldiers who go to Iraq volunteer to go there, they are not forced to go there. I think the country should take care of them quickly. It shouldn’t matter where they live or if they were in the reserve.
Some soldiers that come home (vets) months or years for help. This is terrible. The pay out for disability is too low $ 8,268 per year is not much help especially for what the soldiers go through. I feel really bad for these men and women.

Jay Mangubat said...

Hi, Brown! Here is my blog response: There is no public outrcry to help these men and women because the human resources are limited. They don't receive proper help from the state. The tough economic issues do returning veterans present to the US are the following: no jobs, no house, no money, no food, no drinking, no smoking, no cell phones, no schools, no churches, no builidings, no subways, no transportaion, no people, no classrooms, no stairway, and no officers. The political voice was belonged to the veterans since these people have before the war. They are not veterans now because some of them are already homeless, no jobs, and a man who is cursing and angry because they can't make the end meet. The outrage from Congress comes from the assembly of delegates or of sentors and represntatives. Some of the people are complaining Vets as as unpatriotic because there was no consderderation for his/her love of one's country. The veterans are being ignored by the Americans after they returned home because they become burden for the country. I had to agree what the famous Edwin Genao has said about the soliders who are going to Iraq by volunteering in order to go there, and they are not forced to go there. He knows that the country should take care of them quickly. It doesn't matter where they live or if they were in the reserve. Some soldiers that come home (vets) months or years for help. This is terrible. The pay out for disability is too low $ 8,268 per year is not much help especially for what the soldiers go through. I feel really bad for these men and women.

kaitlyn said...

I think it was Josh who said in class that we shouldn't start a war if we couldn't fund it, and the veterans coming home. To not have the promises you were told to believe is dishonest of our country. We read in the article that Pennsylvania and Illinois has large amounts of people signing up to fight in the war. They are the people Bush keeps asking for, yet should we not accept them if we can't support them when they come back because they're all from the same state? Why does it matter who the people are and not that they want to serve their country? When we read this article I thought about a few friends I know who joined the army to infact get a better life from the things they were promised, but when vets come home and we don't help them, how can they get a better life? It was disturbing to read the amount of money one vet got for a month- around $800. Like Edwin said that some vets only recieve, "$8,268 per year is not much help expecially for what the soldiers go through." He's right, they should be treated like heroes and not forgotten like they are. They amounr they get is not nearly enough for vets who can't work because of disabilities or who have PDS. We saw in the documentary how that man who clearly had PDS couldn't function very well in everyday life, I wonder what will happen to my friends when they get back. The government is smart to put recruiting centers in disadvantaged neighborhoods because people in those neighborhoods tend to get ignored by the government. They're the ones who need assisstance the most when they come home, can't work and become a burden to their already money-tight family.

Sam said...

Edwin is right! Our vets deserve care, and as quickly as possible.

With a generation of Vietnam vets on the streets of this country, how dare we start a war with NO intention of support for the veterans coming back. Did they think that we handled the veterans well last time, that its okay to have these poor men who fought for our country living on the streets!?

If we can fund the war we need to fund a service for returning veterans so they don't end up homeless, alcoholic, addicted to drugs, &/or suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I mean PTSD itself is aweful to live with, according to "" , a fact sheet about PTSD.

After watching the "When I Came Home" documentary, I was suprised and upset because no one that has fought for us should come home to nothing. I remember they said in the movie that there are programs for prisoners coming out of jail to re-adjust to life; There are no such programs for Veterans??? Theres a problem with that. After watching the documentary, I decided to get involved and have since emailed to find out any opportunities I have to help and I've also gotten the email for the next Stand Down thing so I can volunteer. (Its this October)

sharkey said...

The reason why there is no outcry for the veterans is that nobody in this world cares about the troops. People are this world only care about themselves and how they are going to have a place to live. The veterans that come back will need help mentally. That issue will cause millions of dollars. Most of the veterans will be living on welfare and what the army sends them. The political voice they had was they were going there to fight for our country so they think when they return the us will have a place for them to live and will help them. When they come back that didn’t realize how much they gave up to go to the war. They look at vets unpatriotic because they think that the only reason they went there is for what they think they would get when they come home. Americans ignore them because now that they are home they are no longer heroes because they came home. Americans think the ones for staying there are heroes because they are still fighting.

Josh said...

I would like to start off by saying that it was a very poor and impulsive decision to start a war without any exit strategy or planning for iraqi soldiers who will be coming home. This soldiers risked their lives for our country, yet they cannot receive any assistance for themselves or the families they left behind when going over into Iraq. I really bothers me to know that so many people who cheat the system to receive assistance are gettingby, but the people who actually need the assistance for valid reasons wait a year or more to get doors slammed into their faces only to have to run to the media to still receive no real assistance. Like Edwin mentions, a salry that low cannot support anyone alone let alone the people who are depending on them financially. I think that it is a disgrace for these veterans to have to go through a cat and mouse game ultimately to lose the race. I also agree with Jason that there is no public outcry for these veterans. But I also feel that that is mainly because so many people are not aware fof the issue. So many of us were shocked by the events that were taking place and really did not expect this to be going on in our country. Now that I feel taht through this documentarty a lot of people were educated about the issues and will probably think twice before enlisting in the armed forces.