Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tighter and More Violent?

Is the increase of violence acceptable along the US/Mexico border?

How can a peaceful resolution be reached between boarder agents and people making attempts at crossing into the US?

According to the article, what seems to be the cause of the increased violence?

Is protecting the US/Mexico border from illeagal crossing cost effective? Who benefits?

What advantages do US Taxpayers recieve from tighter border security?


Edwin Genao said...

On tighter U.S. border with Mexico, violence rises.

I was born in the Dominican Republic. I was not a citizen in this country. My family came here in 1989. I like very much in this country. I am very glad that this country welcomed me. I think we should welcome everyone else like they did me. If bad people bring drugs they should not be able to come in. Drugs are bad and they hurt people. It is also against the law to take drugs. I don’t think that they should build a wall around this country. I think they should make it easier for people to come.
I am going to have a job next year I am very happy about that, the U.S. is a good country.

Jay Mangubat said...

On Tighter U.S. Border With Mexico, Violence Rises. An immigrant is a person who moves from and their country to this country. They need a visa in order to be here. Illegal immigrants is someone who does not have a visa. The immigrants want to have jobs, so that in America they can have money. The immigrants came over to US to find jobs. The jobs give them money. It's good to have money because you can buy clothing; food; etc... The jobs can provide money and they are good. Illegal immigrants is bad because it is against the law. They take jobs from the legal immigrants. If the illegal immigrants, are taking away the jobs, take away the money, I can't buy food; and clothes. That's bad!

christine mullen said...

As for question 1 the violence is not acceptable but it is accepted because just like what was stated in class we cant afford to live with out these people to come and do our slave work for us. Then not only are we benefiting from them working for less then minimum wages but also benefit from the ones paying into these social security numbers that don’t even exist. As Americans I feel that a lot of landlords produce a lot of the problems because once you make it easy for housing then what’s left a job which anyone that owns a smell business will want them for the low prices they would want as pay.

Q2- personally I feel as if you would need a lot more guards and more so because of the events with guards being hurt in the past. They should make it like a little security walk through process before you reach the border like the airports are doing now. Were you walk through and they see everything that you have on you that way you are assured theses people have no weapons to hurt anybody. That should help with the violence.

Q3- the article stated for the most part that the violence was increased because of the states making it more difficult to cross the border. What I don’t understand is why do they feel as if it should be taking lightly. This is a huge move for you. They can’t expect us to do that process with out certain procedure.

Q4-From the sound of our discussion in class there is plenty of people making money off of this. For one the Mexican government because they’re taxing the money that is being giving to the people that are making Mexico their half way house. Then if they end up in Texas they’re making money from them.

Q5- as tax paying Americans we benefit from tighter security because you wouldn’t have to worry about your son or daughter going to college for a job that wont be available to them because someone has taking it for a cheaper price. You also wouldn’t worry that your child is going to be rejected from a school that they are in titled to go to because the seat has been taking by a child that doesn’t even belong here. You won’t have to worry about supporting a slave trade like selling fake bags on the street. We would most likely benefit in many ways

Anonymous said...

I am not really sure how a situation like this should be handled, I mean we could be answering back with more violence if we choose to put up the wall, or if we put up no wall and allow easier entrance, maybe we will be increasing the amount of drugs or maybe not. I believe this is not a very easier situation. Also that either side will have reprecussions maybe not good ones.
Michelle Asciote

Anonymous said...

Freedom for the Mexicans!

Libertad para Mexicanos!

zilber said...

I dont think that an increase of violence can ever be acceptable its just what has to be done. We are pushing for a stop in illegal immigration and this is the effect. Coming to a peaceful resolution between border patroll and immigrants is a dream. Smugglers will never stop because its a business and they get paid well, and as long as we are the land of the free people will be trying to sneak in. The article does state that the number of attemtps by illegal immgrants to cross the border has greatly decreased, so you can say that the tax payers money is being used to our advantage. Unless you look at it from the other point of view where we can let them all in give them jobs and forget about illegal immigration. I dont think anybody really bennifits from this, because one way or another if they get here they have to stay under the books or they get caught, its not like theyre stepping on anybodys toes, theyre just looking for a life.

nyshee said...

i think they should tighter the border and that when a immigrant person comes in and wants to move in to the united states. But when the immigrants come to the country and dont have no where to go they work under people like people selling the super batteries on the ave and sometimes have some good things but you have to stop and really thing were is the money coming from and how they are getting it.

Sam said...

Aside from buying Mexico, there isn't any solution to the immigration "problem".

The violence is definitely not acceptable, and I don't know why the government thinks that more guards will help! They should make it easier to get a visa, sure, but tightening the border won't help. Its just like the virginia tech thing. If someone wants to kill a whole bunch of people publicly, they're going to do it regaurdless of gun control laws; If someone really wants to cross the border, they'll find a way, more guards or less. Instead of Mexico, people'll start coming through Canada. Are we going to build a wall there too?

kaitlyn said...

Our country was founded by immigrants, and has continued to flourish because of the different contributions from a variety of cultures. Should we be able to dictate who can enter and who cannot? We need illegal immigrants to keep the economy affloat because companies can pay less to an illegal person than a legal one, which helps their profit if they are not paying for full employees. They also do not have to be payed benefits, yet they take advantage of public services by using hospitals. On the other hand illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and still take advantage of public services, like schools and hospitals. Maybe a better thing to do is demand that people have to become a citizen when they enter our country. I think that would dissuade people from entering the country, because they may not earn a lot of money and they have to pay the government a portion of what they earn, leaving them less money.

Zohra said that a peaceful alliance between immigrants and border partol is a "dream" and I agree with her, because as she went on to say smuggling illegal immigrants is a very profitable business. Like we said in class people pay thousands of dollars so that they can enter the country. Because of the tighter borders they are arming themselves in case of an emergency. I think we're sort of "reaping what we sew", because we tightened the borders and now people are getting hurt because of that. I don't think tightening the borders is a bad thing because, as I said in class, having a thousand people enter the country is a lot better than ten thousand. Now we just need to think of a better way to make sure the border patrol doesn't get hurt.

Zohra Ali said...

I find the increase along the US/Mexican border pathetic. I find it horrible that so many crimes, and the high level of violence is being tolerated and taken lightly.
I don’t think there can be a peaceful resolution between boarder agents and people making attempts at crossing the US boarder because if someone isn’t in the right place, they should know doing the wrong thing isn’t right, and they should take the right steps into coming in the country, rather than doing it illegally.I agree with Sam in the manor that if a peaceful solution was made, the last thing would be is to buy mexico, making everyone legal, but that leads to making the crimes acceptable and increasing them. Many say the process is hard to come into the country, but that’s only helping the country be safe. You cant trust anyone no matter how convincing they are, that’s why it takes time to process paper work and look up the people coming into the country. The US has enough problems with violence and people who shouldn’t be in the country, and cracking down on the borders is the best thing for them to do to control the situation that’s already on their hands.
I don’t think allowing illegal people across the boarder cost effective because once these people start to live in the country, they don’t pay taxes. Paying tax’s allows a country to move because it brings in money and the money is used to better the country. If you don’t have everyone paying taxes, there is a little amount of money coming in but being used for everyone whether legal or not. I can see that major businesses benefit from the cheap labor of immigrants but in the long run its just a blow to economic America.
Some advantages that US taxpayers receive from tighter border security is the safety from illegal immigrants who come to the country for all the wrong reasons (to commit crimes such as smuggling drugs, human trafficking ect.). It also benefits tax payers children such as their child getting into the public school of their preference instead of the illegal immigrant whose parents aren’t paying taxes for them to be sitting in that child’s seat.