Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tough Issues

How are we as Americans of such diverse backgrounds and upbringings going to ever come to a consensus on the issue of abortion vs the right to privacy for women?

What exactly has the Supreme Court decided on in this most recent decision? What was something from today's class that you remember?

Several students pointed out so many related cases during our class discussion, I'm impressed that so many of you are beginning to see the broad implications such seemingly small decisions have, how will this recent ruling of the supreme court change our future?


Edwin Genao said...

Supreme Court Abortion Article

Abortion is bad, before yesterday I didn’t know what abortion was. It is when a mother who is pregnant with a baby decides to kill it.
The Supreme Court just decided that it was against the law to kill the baby in the last months when the baby is fully formed. I think that you shouldn’t be able to kill it at anytime, not just at the end. It’s all wrong no matter when you do it. I just don’t understand how in 1973 they said abortion is okay and now you can’t do it at the end.

Superfly said...

I also don't understand how a court can dictate when you can and when you can't have something medically taken out of you. Yes, it sounds barbaric and cruel to abort a fetus when it is nearly fully formed, however, in keeping with what Edwin said (only, perhaps, in the other direction) either abortion is wrong (what a word!) all of the time, or it is legal and I have the right to decide what goes inside my own viscera all of the time.
Yes, yes, Roe V. Wade was a ridiculously written bit of law created to suit the greater public opinion of the time (duh! is that not what the courts and elected officials supposed to do? Carry out the people’s wishes? Comply with the greater public sentiment?), however, this, like so many other things that we argue, should be a non-issue in this country. Separation of church and state is such a farce! My right to privacy concerning what goes on with the insides of my own body is only questioned by republican politicians who talk about the "G-d loving nature" of the American people (that whole thing where Bush jr. said that Jesus was talking to him notwithstanding, of course...) Do their morals, do their values still apply if I do not subscribe to their particular brand of faith and politics (two entities which, not historically, obviously, should be completely at odds)? Why is it necessary for people to press their beliefs on others? Freedom, I would assume, means that I am free to make the choices I feel will most benefit me. It does not mean that I am free to have my decisions, which will affect me directly, made by someone else who is not looking out for my bet interest. If you feel, like Edwin and Ms. Grantz do, that abortion is wrong (when has this become synonymous with illegal? That has been bugging me…) all of the time, then, please, do not have one, council the people you know not to have one, rally to have laws passed making sure that people are aware of their options and are educated on the subject. Become an advocate for safe sex (ha.). However, by no means is it appropriate for radicals (there, I said it.) to take away freedoms and rights that should be inherent to the individual.

Josh said...

I feel that abortion is a choice that has to be made by the person who is considered getting it done. The government should not be abole to dictate to women whether or not it is appropriate. I do feel that if there a clinics where this is being done and the procedure is not safe, that should be regulated, but eliminating the process altogether is not the answer. Women who are hoping to get this procedure done, I hope are mature enough to know that there may be a risk of complications occuring, especially if they are going to some hole in the wall to get this procedure done. Abortion may not be something that is agreed with morally across the board, but it is something that may be needed. What about if a young woman is raped? An abortion would definitely be something that is appropraite for this type of situation. Women also should have the right to privacy and that should not be taken away.

kaitlyn said...

After reading joanna's post i feel like giving her a big hug because she said almost everything i feel about abortion. I completely agree with what she said about, "Separation of church and state is such a farce!", because it is. I don't think it's possible for people to seperate their political and religious beliefs, which hurts our country because church and state are supposed to be seperated. Unless our officials stop clouding their judgement with what the bible says our country will never come to a concensus on the abortion issue. Where is the "freedom" our country has, when you have "religoius fueled" people making our decisions about topics that should be decided by women and not men. A woman has an abortion- not a man, so women should be the only ones who can decide what happens to it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joanna because how can a court tell a woman what or what she can do with her body. I do agree that a woman does have a right to her own body, and if we do find it cruel we can't say because it is not in our body. This is a free country in the fact that both sides are able to argue and press their oppinions on others.
Michelle Asciote