Saturday, October 13, 2007


What do we do from here?


Manpreet Kaur said...

I think we as students should learn to understand that respecting a teacher in the classroom can earn you back the same respect for the student too.
I personally would like it if we had more questions from whst really happened in history rther than knowing my opionin, because that's how its easy for me to participate in class. Maybe not many people agre with me, but this is my opinion.

Bryan S. said...

I agree with manpreet with the whole respect issue at hand in the class. As for suggestions I feel that the class should continue to be as is. Thats my opinion. I like it as is. I feel that it was a good thing showing us our progress reports because like John said in class that was a real eye opener. I feel as if now the class does understand where they stand in government class and will try to fix their mistakes to get a better grade. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Bryan S.

kemi ajirotutu said...

I agree with both of them we should respect each other and the teacher it’s not fear for other that wasn’t this and learn from it to suffer because of the kids that things class time is play time. We need to check our self’s and speck up to each other when we know that some one is doing the wrong thing. I also think we should also being in our own article.

Samantha said...

Everyone is right about how students need to learn to have more respect for their teachers. As for government class I like the fact that we are discussing articles and issues that affect us today. But as far as the blog I'm not so fond of it. I think it is a great idea, but some people need to get use to it. So there should be more. There is a problem in our class with people not posting and I agree with Alyssa C. When we go online it is usual not to do homework but other things. And even though we have a planner we may not write in it or disregard it when we get home. So I think in class there should be some writing whether is be in class work, homework, or essays Also we should try to find things that would involve us in some of the things we read (and that could be a mini-project). And as Kemi said students should bring in their own articles, maybe the class would be more engaged. But I feel we shouldn’t go to textbooks because we would not learn.

Anonymous said...

Like samantha said us reading texts book we are not going to get nowhere with it because to tell the truth it would jus sit in front of us collecting dust, when we do open discussions thats a better act because everyone can feel free to say whatever they want and when your just reading from a textbook your just learning whats there and not around you...Also respecting one another is something we should respect because we all have to learn together and in order to do that you have to give others chances and them who do mess it up is the ones saying who cares but soon as they get there progress report they come running asking the same question others asking why you failing me for no its not the teacher failing you it you failing yourself because your not doing what you was told to do thats why we should also give teachers respect because they deserve it as well.
!!!kristal Atchison!!!