Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Second post of new year.

What should Obama's New Year's Resolution be?


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Tiffany H said...

I'm not really sure what I even individually feel should be President Obama's New Years's resolution because I feel even at his high position in political stature it isn't really fair to expect but so much from him in so little time. Although when becoming President you know there are responsibilities for you to uphold and stand by, I see it as we can't hold them individually to much because there were many & plenty before this one, and there is alot going on in the world, so you can't really in all practicallity expect someone to step in, and fix everthing right away.

However in President Obama's defense I feel that his New Year's resolution should be to figure out a way to gain back people's admiration, or atleast a small percentage of their trust, and faith in his abilities to produce some good from his term as President. With things that have come up, and that have been addressed so far, he's gotten alot of negative feed back, and some people are losing the encouragement that they once instilled in him, which I feel he needs the most to be a success.

Philip M. said...

I think that Obama should stop starting his speeches talking about the past, making excuses for he’s been doing. I would rather hear him saying what is going to be done than him saying what he wants to be done. For example, he mentioned raising money in the budget for schools, but according to the budget chart, there are more categories going towards the negatives than the positives. Other than that issue, Obama’s plan for “pay-as-you-go” for government spending would be helpful to not go over the spending limitations. Obama’s New Year’s resolution should be to stop making suggestions/promises, and start taking action.

Kendra Dufresne said...

I believe Obama's new year resolution should be to continue making cuts on plans that arent improving our nation. Then taking that money and making new plans. To increase things such as securiy and empolyment rates. While working on things like these, I believe that he should work on methods that will help citizens understand the choices he makes. Perhaps making public speeches more often. There is no better satisfaction than citizens feeling like they know whats going on in the world.

Shantel :) said...

I think Obama's New Years Resolution should be sticking to his word. His whole campaign for being elected was for "change". Since he has been in office I haven't seen much change in a positive way. In his campaign he said that he was going to make health care affordable for everyone and the he was not going to send more troops into the war, but of course things changed. In the speech he delivered the other night, he spoke briefly on health care and kept the focus on funding for new jobs. I commend him for trying to find money to start new jobs but that was not in his original plan. I think Obama needs to start owning up on the promises he made during the election.

rizoyt said...

I think that Obama should stick to his current resolutions to create new job opportunities. These jobs will go a long way in giving people access to improving their way of life, as well as (hopefully) giving them discretionary money to spend & stimulate the economy a little.

W Brown said...

The first five comments are all very insightful. You have given the rest of us much to think about.

Elizabeth said...

I think obama's news years resoution should be to get American back in shape. American is in bad shape at this point. People have no money because jobs are beginning to cut down. What obama should do is continue to find ways to get America back to work so that money won't be an issue. I agree with kendra....he should continue to cut down plans that aren't improving our nation. Spending money on things that aren't bettering our nation is a waste and we need to stop wasting. All that money could be useful to other plans. If we cut down spending money to unnesssary plans, we might have enough money to pay things off.

ashley a said...

I think that in the new year Obama should stick to trying to solve one issue, instead of flip flopping or trying to solve them all at once. It will be better that if after 4 years he made great progress in fixing one thing, instead of having multiple things not really moving towards anything. I think he should also listen to his speeches and hear himself say that everything is not going to be fixed in a day, because it seems like he is getting discouraged whenever something does not take off right away. He also shouldn’t worry about how the public feels about him because there is always going to be someone who disagrees with him.

nbeckford! said...

I think Philip makes a really good point. In his speeches, President Obama keeps dwelling on the past decisions he's made instead of making decisions towards the future. I think Obama's New Year's Resolution should be to thoroughly accomplish one goal at a time as to making different proposals at the same time. It'll make things more organized for him and let the people of the country see he's getting his job done and assuring their trust in him!

andre said...

i think the presidents new years resolution should be to stick to his budget. also he should stay within the boundaries he spoke about during his election. obama should continue to his growth and learn how to become a better leader

Anonymous said...

I think that Obama should stick to his current resolutions to create new job opportunities Like chris said because there are alot of americans who neeed jobs to keep a roof over there head and food on the table. ional Labor ComparisonsForeign Labor StatisticsInternational Consumer Price IndexesInternational Unemployment RatesInternational Employment ComparisonsInternational Compensation CostsInternational ProductivityInternational Technical CooperationImport/Export Price IndexesINTERNATIONAL OVERVIEW
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Major Work Stoppages in 2009
February 10, 2010
In 2009, there were five major strikes and lockouts involving 1,000 or more workers, the lowest number since the major work stoppages series began in 1947. The five major work stoppages in 2009 idled 13,000 workers for 124,000 lost workdays, both record lows for number of workers and days idle. So obmama main focus is to create more jobs.

victoria said...

I for one agree with Tiffany in the beginning of her belief I don't really don't know what Mr. Obama's new year resolution should be. I guess I would say that he should have his eye on the health plans and to not to get into wars towards the future with other countries.

D. Samuels said...

I believe that Obama's new year resolutions should be to follow his words and bring home our soldier and Marines. This was one of his selling points in his campaign and i hope he doesn't go back on his word. Also he should continue to work on the economy and give us ; the citizens of America some jobs. (i need a job)

Hogan,I said...

I kind of disagree with Philip when he states "Obama should stop starting his speeches talking about the past, making excuses for he’s been doing". I think this is a good idea to start, because he is making sure America know and understand why it seems like theres nothing being done. The past became bad and messed up with government's foolish decisions and I believe Obama is trying.
Obama's New Years Resolution should be trust in whats right. Stop giving money to those that dont need it. If you say you are going to give to education make sure you do.Continue to seek and give out jobs for those that are jobless. Just help out the best way you can.

Adetayo Ohh. said...

Personally I believe that president Obama's New Year's Resolution should be exactly what D. Samuels said. The war needs to come to an end and when the soldiers come home they are going to need something to do. Jobs need to be created now! Not only for those who can't provide for their family at this point in time, but also for the soldiers who are coming home and are going to feel they need to support their families even more because of they absents. And according to history when soldiers come home theirs always an economic boom but then a down fall. But if we are still in the down fall stage when they arrive home things can only get worse.

Neal,B said...

I think Obama’s New Year resolution should be to limit his speeches and start speaking with his action. What I mean by that is that he should stop making unnecessary speeches and out of commercials and shows that have nothing to do with the United States. Also he should focus on making cuts that are hurting the United States and start trying to create new jobs that will employ many people and help economic push forward.

A.Tejada said...

I don't know what he can come up with to become his new years resolution. but one thing is that he should go on with giving more job opportunities as well as setting standards to reach his goal to change this "world of ours".
To me a new years resolution isn't much of a topic i think about or digress upon it, because people tend to get of topic and not accomplish what they really wanted to do in the first place. it is a waste of time. If obama tends on doing something new, go ahead and do as you wish. set a goal to keep it not to throw it away in a month.