Friday, September 29, 2006

Pirro Pirro Pirro

What should Pirro do about her current bid for NYS Attorney General?

Are we too hard on our public officials?

What does Pirro have to do now to save herself politically?


Sam said...

Pirro should see a campaign through because according to the Times, she hasn't done so before. And although her husband is...not the smartest (in so many words), she's even worse for staying with him. But that is her business, and I really don't need to be reading about her dirty laundry in my newspaper. I think that the media should be more focused on her campaign or her legal career, not her screwed up homelife. Thats no one's business but hers!

I don't believe we're too hard on our politicians, because if no one is going to critisize and scrutinize them, anyone could waltz into office and we need to elect our idiots! ("Fascism you can vote for" -Omega, Stone Sour) I think that without putting pressure on them, we'll never see who is worthy of our time and our votes.

Pirro doesn't need to do anything other than what she is doing to save herself. As seen in her video clips, she's having NO problems turning around her actions onto someone else (i.e. "How dare anyone leak those private conversations!). She is truly a master of words to be able to redirect focus from her committing a crime to who told everyone about it!! Then again, according to the times, Pirro is only a, "wronged woman leg-shackled to a loser, an ambitious and effective wife brought low by her badly behaved husband, Albert." So who really knows whats going on with Pirro? (& who marry's someone named ALBERT?!)

Josh said...

I think we are way to hard on public officials. Although I can agree that setting up an illegal wiretap is illegal, I feel that Pirro did what many wives would do in her dilemma. I feel that public figures are under so much scrunity, simply because thjey are public figures. This is wevident in the fact that Pirro did not even discover the information she was looking for when she hired the private investigator, but now two years later the story is coming out once she is running for office. Even though this is illegal for her to do, public figure or not, I don't feel that a voter's view of her should change. I dont feel that she committed any injustice that makes her less of a qualified candidate.

zohra! :) said...

I think that this whole situation Pirro is wrapped into is pretty embarrassing on her part, and even more humiliating towards her husband. Pirro is being made into this psycho paranoid wife who is out to catch her unfaithful husband, and her husband is being seen as the horrible husband who is up to no good as been proven before. In the news the night before I had read this article she said in a speech that its amazing that the leak comes prior to her election when the information was floating around before. I do think that was a little fishy and foul that political campaigns can get dirty and personal just to bring down a candidate. I don’t think that we are hard on our public officials because if the people cant be perfect and lead honest lives that are good enough to run a country we should elect people who at least can abide by rules that they were sworn in to keep and uphold. I think that Pirro should confess what she has done, instead of looking ridiculous beating around the bush and avoiding the whole situation. If she is honest enough with her voters, maybe she can sway a vote with her honesty. In the article it talked about the money her and her husband have spent and used it on, and having a two seater Mercedes puts a target on your back with frivolous spending, also questioning where this money comes from. I think that Pirro needs to dump her deadbeat husband and not stalk him hard enough to make her loose a political campaign, its just causing her to lead astray from the right things to do. I do agree with Sam, that reading other people’s dirty laundry in the newspaper is pretty sad because its not your problem, it’s a candidates problem that is being blow out of proportion. Also I think that the times needs to start sounding more appropriate than opening off the article with a star, enquirer, or even globe sounding quote which was pretty hilarious, and made the article even more interesting to me.

Zilberrrrrr said...

This Jeanine F. Pirro scandal is just one of those stories that you can’t imagine is being told. I believe that this “democratic leak” was planned perfectly and viscously to bring down the Pirro campaign. It puts shame onto the shoulders of those who allowed this story to get back to the media, knowing what a scandal it would cause just a month before the election. I think that they crossed the privacy line by invading into her marriage. The Pirros have been in and out of trouble for a while now, since her husband’s tax evasions and Ms.Pirros dropping out of races. The democrats have definitely popped the bomb on this one but as Mr. Brown said it might come back and bite them in the but. Jeanine Pirro is already on News Talk Shows speaking about how she’s a woman and her rights were violated, and her and her husband have troubles but they’re in it together all the way. Stating that “He is a Great Father to their children…”
To conclude this I agree with Zohra, Ms.Pirro made some bad choices but the reports and scandals that have been floating around these stories is ridiculous and demeaning to our system of government. Now the only question is will the people of this great state see her as a deranged psychopathic wife or a fighter who fights till its over, and believes that any problems in relationships terms and in political terms can be fixed.

W Brown said...

Anything after here is Late

kaitlyn said...

I think that even with politicians a private life is a private life and in Pirro's case it shouldn't cost her the election unless she was actually found guilty. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if it happened a couple of months from now after the elections because she would've been old news. She shouldn't give up on the election because of her stupidity unless she knows for a fact that it won't help her campaign and she would spend money on an already lost election. With her campaign commercials I hear more about how their were no wires than what she plans on doing to help the people. I think she should've dismissed the claims and moved on and not dwell on the subject, its a pathetic publicity stunt. Zohra was right when she said that "I think that Pirro should confess what she has done, instead of looking ridiculous beating around the bush and avoiding the whole situation." Pirro sounds like an obssesive paranoid wife, who is not someone I think should be running for any political position.

nyshee said...

agree that setting up an illegal wiretap is illegal but i feel that Pirro did what many girlfriends and wives will would do in her problem. simply because it's of the media how's it's coming out for the voters.

why is this info coming out two years later?

Anonymous said...

Pirro may be a good public speaker but she definitly does nothave her priorities in line.I agree with sam that even though she is having problems with her husband it does not mean that it is our buisiness. We tend to overlook the issues as opposed to looking for the right person to best fulfill their promises. Pirro as a politician should make sure to seek through with all elections, with her dropping out on the last one it gives us the sense of abandonment. She showed the public that she could easily give up something so important, it loses some popularity with the people.
As to the problem with her husband that is only her buisiness like sam said. We should start looking for the issues not private issues!!!!
Michelle Asciote

shanicca conyers said...

First i want to start off saying i agree with josh. and i don't think that what she did should be any of anyones business. I think that while they take their time digging up dirt on her they should think more about what they can do for us. They spend all the time worring about non-sence. and i definitly think that her husband is the reason for all the problems. Also she is a human and that is a womens trait to see and want to know if her husband is cheating. If she tapped something else that interfairs with the goverment then I would understand but then its something she is dealing with her husband. So i think that they should not bring on a case with her rather to just leave her alone.