Thursday, November 23, 2006


Although we had a reduced crow on Wednesday the conversation centered around How much freedom are we as AMericans willing to give up to be safe? Is ethnic profiling ok by government employees? Have you ever been the victim of "profiling"?

The class seemed to accept "profiling" as a necessary evil. Do you agree with this?

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zohra said...

I think that Americans are giving up too much freedom to be safe. I think that we are giving up freedom that is unnecessary to give up, because the government should be making sure that these dangerous people are allowed onto airlines or even in airports. Airport security is where the fault is at when safety at an airport is overlooked. I think that just by walking into an airport is unsafe because anyone could walk in with a bomb strapped to them because there aren’t security guards or police officers to stop these dangerous people from walking into the airport. The Muslim world changed drastically since 9/11, creating targets on every Muslims back or even if you looked it. I understand the quick judgment in an uneducated person, or even an angry one in this situation but it was okay for the months that followed 9/11, and not the years. I think that as a nation everyone has been aware and learned more about the people who committed the crime and the type of people they were. I think that racial profiling by government employees is a step done just to target those who fit the profile, and to give the other passengers peace of mind. I think that racial profiling has to be done just to go with the day and age we live in. My family comes across it too often to even start caring because we have nothing to hide. Of coarse it’s an inconvenience but resisting it is an even bigger deal. This isn’t a situation that the people who are being targeted can take by the horns and battle because either way it looks like there is something to hide. I think that the men who were taken off the plane have a good argument but were just caught in the wrong situation. It’s horrible that it happened to them, but it’s something that was bound to happen. Suspicious get the best of people and just look out for themselves, rather than trying to look more than skin deep.