Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sahiba's Visit

Today we were honored to have a guest speaker from the freshmen class across the hall. I would love for us to focus our comments on two issue here.

Her delivery : Please give her constructive honest feedback on her presentation skills.

Her content: What further questions do you have for her?

(I will ask her to check the blog once responses are posted.)


Jason Mangubat hs senior said...

Hi, Mr. Brown. Here is my response for: "Saheeba's Visit The Military In India," Women in India are not allowed to join the fighting members of the Indian army. Since her whole family was in the military. She wanted to join too. She wanted women to be able fight. I think that the women should let the men do it. I think that the men are stronger and are better at fighting. I don't want the women to be killed. I think the girl Shaeeba really knew what she was talking about.

Edwin Genao said...

I would like to talk about the girl that came into our class yesterday to talk about the military system in India. Her family (her father & sister) were both in the military there. I don’t think that girls should be fighting. Girls are not men. Men are stronger and bigger. I want to stop war. It’s not good. People get killed. They are missed by their families. I liked the girl she knew what she wanted to do.

nyshee said...

she had a good visit with the military in india and that she was very storng with it and very strong with the information she gave.

when she answered the the questions that the class gave her was strong and gave eye contact with every answer and every word.

Superfly said...

Saheeba's speech in our history class was beautifully delivered. I truly admired her passion and depth of knowledge on the subject! I agree with Edwin in that I so admired the fact that she knew implicitly what she wanted to do with her life. And that she was in a position where she was able to look at the issue from both the side of a feminist and a citizen wanting to fight for her country. What puzzled me was, though she really knew her facts and had strong opinions on the policies of the Indian army, she seemed so willing to fight for the Indian army OR the US army. She didn't really seem to think about the cause for which she was fighting, she was just passionate about fighting for something, particularly combat fighting. She has such a passion, such an amazing drive and confidence and determination (I could go on here...) that I think, as Mr. Brown mentioned in class, that her talents would be better served fighting for peace between countries rather than being, essentially, a soldier in the cavalry. She should be making the decisions and giving orders, not just carrying them out in a platoon or some such. I see her more as a Prime Minister or President, or as an ambassador or something like that, where she is fighting for her country and using her absolutely amazing powers of persuasion and positively dazzling passion to actually make policy changes, not just wait for others to do it for her.

Still, even if she doesn't want to do all these things, I still admire her for knowing what she wants in life and having the courage to strive for that specific goal, even if there are many people who are against her decisions.

Brown, this was certainly one of your “Ah-Haa” moments.

vishnell said...

When Ms. Mayo came into our class and told Mr.Brown she wanted him to hear what a freshmen girl had written and Mr. Brown asked if she could present it for the whole class my classmates and I thought no way this freshmen girl is going to have the courage to present infront of a class filled with seniors. However Saheeba proved us wrong.

As soon as she began speaking she caught the whole class’s attentions. Her eye contact, tone of voice, and knowledge of the subject were the reasons for her great presentation. Her presenation was about the Indian arms and how she has a strong passion for being in the army herself. As a young women she wants to be in the army to represent all women,follow in her father and sisters footsteps and also represent her county. I honestly respect her opinon on this whole issue because she knows what she is talking about and has strong reasons for why she wants to persue this dream. Every question that was asked she answered with honesty and confidence.

I honestly think she will go far and is a smart young girl. She proved herself with this presentation. Saheeba had everyones attention when she spoke about her goals and showed us her determantion. With her mind set, her ideas and thoughts coming from her heart I know she will make it far. =]

Sharkey said...

I have to say Saheeba’s presentation was outstanding. Everything she had mention she know about. For a freshman to do that is absolutely amazing. She talked like she was a senior or a college student. Its is great thing for her to follow her father’s and sister’s footsteps. With her talent and speaking skills she should become a speaker for company’s. she did not stop and try to make up things. She did her research and presented it.

zohra said...

I think that Saheeba’s brave delivery about women fighting in the front line was powerful, and interesting. I think that she was brave enough to stand up to a bunch of high school seniors and voice something that is very near and dear to her. I think it was a little hard for some people to understand (talking to some of my friends) the way she spoke because she had an accent, but I’m use to it from some of my family members who have the same type of accent and thought it was great. I think the way the presentation was set up, it flowed well and was good enough to keep our attention instead of us falling asleep. I think that some of the topics that she brought up were a hot topic to talk about because she was pro women fighting in the infantry and if it wasn’t enough for that, she was a prime example standing in front of us, the skin and bones of a future woman who would die to work in the front line infantry. I understood that her family had a good history of fighting in the military and living the military way of life but I didn’t think that her choice of choosing fighting in a front line of a war, over finishing/ furthering her education was/is a smart one. I believe that education will take you far in life no matter who you are because knowledge is better than any type of weapon you may ever pick up. I think that a gun could only puncture and take away someone else’s life but the power of your brain could help save one and work towards bringing together a nation rather than fighting to tear it apart. I think that part of why Saheeba might want to join the military and fight in the front line is to uphold family tradition and to honor her country for the glory. I think that glory shouldn’t be based on how many people you kill and houses you destroy but by the progress that you make in bringing two different types of people together. I think that Saheeba is still young, and later in her high school career she might realize that there’s more to life than fighting in the military but find a world that she can help contribute to with her brain power which she proved to us was strong enough to tame a class of high school seniors to listen to what she had to say.

christine mullen said...

Saheeba’s presentation really did impress me and if anyone knows Christine it can be a little hard to win me over. She put her all in to her beliefs and that showed during her presentation and that’s what made it come alive for me. The fact that I could look at some one that is just starting out in high school and has huge life decisions made already. Most of my senior peers don’t have a clue about decisions that they’re going to have to make in a few months. That’s what I can respect about her but I don’t feel all her beliefs are her own. I just feel war is in her nature even though I feel she would like to be apart of making a difference in her countries ways. I feel her dreams and goals are cool but I just feel she should take into consideration what her life could be like without the army. Also she should make sure she is not just living through her families legacy.

naughtysahiba said...

After reading the comments and the words of appreciation by you all, I have grouped up some of the responses for your comments.Further, I thank you all for encouragement and guidance.

JASON, I really admire your concern about women. I think , if women can go to space and in deep-sea diving along with men when required, they can definitely move along with men in combat groups as well.

EDWIN, Firstly I would like to clear one thing that joining army is not just about fighting. Army is a force that helps in maintaining the sovereignty and honor of a nation. It is natural that male species definitely have stronger built but fighting with weapons requires not only the muscle power but also guts, determination and willingness to fight for a cause, and I think women folk are no less.

SUPERFLY, If women are seen in a right spirit, they are the balancing factor as they always have a good reasoning doing a thing. I assure you that if all the nations have equal number of women in their respective army, it will work wonders and a day will come when there will be no wars. I thank you from the core of my heart for the appreciation and encouragement I got after going through your comments.

VISHNELL, I am indebted to all my seniors for the encouragement I got after going through the comments I received. With all the guidance and advise I got from you; I feel more confident that I will be guided by my seniors in the right directions only. Thanks a lot for your remarks.

SHARKEY, Thank you for showing me the light and again encouraging me . I promise my seniors to strive hard and never let them down in the confidence they have shown in me.

ZOHRA, Truly speaking , because of my accent I did have an apprehension initially, speaking in front of my seniors, but now having received the comments by all of you ,I am sure that with such a caring group of seniors I will have no problems hereafter.
From day one, I have been amongst the soldiers wearing camouflage, and then I saw my dad, my sister, and my cousins all in uniform. I fully agree with you that all these years did have an impact on my thinking but I promise that even in combat-uniform I shall always work to bring normalcy and peace to make this world a better place to live.

CHRISTINE , I am so grateful for your comments in the opening lines itself. I am really honored. No doubt, I am born and brought up in a family dominated by army personnel as my grandpa, my father, my uncle, elder sister and two of my cousins joined army. Whenever we had a family function and all of them joined in the uniforms of their respective regiments, was a treat to witness. However, I feel that wherever you are and whatever you do if it is for a good cause and betterment for humanity one should not hesitate wearing uniform for the honor and integrity of your nation.


Stephers said...

I found Saheeba's speec to be outstanding...She really knew what she was talking about and the way she presented was amazing. For a freshman to speak that well is incredible. I give her alot of credit for getting up in front of a group of seniors nd being proud of her work..GREAT WORK!

Anonymous said...

hey sis! you make me so proud ! well done and god bless..any guidance, just pen a word and i'll be there..Capt Harneet

shanicca conyers said...

I will like to say that your presentation was wonderful and as a young lady as your self to know what you want in life and to take upon a big role in life is a great deal. I myself was never into the army or such as; but growing up and having about 60% of my family and friends of the family being a police officer inspired me to become a police officer also. With that I made a connection to you in the sense of your family being in the army and I want to thank you for speaking to my class and voicing your opinion. I hope all is well for you and your future. Also remember to follow your dreams