Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Republican Ad Shocks Some in Tennessee

After reading the article and watching the videos; What is the "unsiad" messsages in these adds? Who is Ken Melhmen? How are voters suppossed to inform themselves? What are the real issues?

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Sam said...

BEFORE I begin my rant, I have to add that I think that the Democrat Harold Ford is generally a nice guy. I watched an interview with him on Real Time with Bill Maher, and his campaign is so straightforward and honest. It's refreshing and suprising.

Ken Melhmen is the the chair of the Republican National Committee, and a jerk. He apparantly saw nothing wrong wit the negative ad about Ford, yet he then pulled it out of rotation. Nothing wrong wit the ad? Please.

According to the article, the ads unsaid message is "If these and the hundreds of local ads like them are to be believed, politicians in America are tax-and-spend, sex-crazed criminals who want to take medicine away from sick people." [**& you spelled unsaid wrong in the post, mr. brown :-(]

The Michael J. Fox ad is devastatingly sad and plays on the emotional heartstrings of voters. It was a cheap tactic but the resulting comments from a one Rush Limbaugh attracted negative attention to Republicans resulting in a public apology from Limbaugh. (He said he thought poor Michael J. Fox was FAKING his symptoms of Parkinsons for the ad.)

Ford's thoughts on all of the issues are plainly laid out on! It can't be too much easier than that. So are his opponent's issues, Bob Corker ( This website has made it terribly easy for Tennessee.

And obviously the internet is a great resource for voters to inform themselves. Just go to!